SCGP iscommitted to incorporatingCircular Economy principlesinto the product and service design process

guided by a core emphasis on a model of “make-use-return.”

Circular economy solutions

SCGP places a high priority on resource efficiency and environmental protection, following sustainable development paths. The Circular Economy is embedded in design and development process with a focus on resource efficiency with a model of “make-use-return.”


  • Using fewer resources but still deliver the same efficiency.
  • Offering multi-use function and prolong product service life.
  • Encouraging recycling by using recycled material and designing packaging to be recyclable alongside initiatives to buy materials that can be recycled back into production.

Circular economy solutions

Lightweighting Green Carton

We developed Lightweight G Technology to decrease paper and energy consumption in the process of manufacturing corrugated containers while maintaining and strengthening the protection properties of products.

Circular economy solutions

Circular economy solutions

Paper Pallet

Made of corrugated paper, Paper Pallet is an ideal logistics tool for one-way shipping and exports. It is designed to be a substitute for wooden pallets due to its increasing scarcity. Additionally, Paper Pallet is environmentally friendly and meets ISPM15 regulation used for wood packaging materials in international trade.